Leading FinTech Company Radically Modernizes Environment to SD-WAN Technology

$3 Million in Capital Avoidance.

“Jackyl Consulting used an implementation strategy that delivered on all of our key objectives and avoided any post-implementation issues. In total, their solution resulted in our organisation avoiding $3 million dollars in capital costs.” CIO ~ FinTech 

Key takeaways:

  • Reduced ongoing operating expenses
  • Lowered the impact of network failure
  • Modernized and stabilized our production environment
  • Avoided service calls post-implementation


This client is a leading provider of financial technology (FinTech) solutions for merchants, banks and capital markets firms globally. Our client is a Fortune 500® company and is a member of Standard & Poor’s 500® Index.


FinTech & Banking



Business Objectives:

  • Radically reduce ongoing operating expense
  • Lower the impact of network failure and the associated support cost
  • Modernize & stabilize the production environment

Project Goals

  • Remove single points of failure by migrating to SD-WAN technology
  • Migrate with zero unplanned business impact
  • Simplify operating model


Million In Capital Avoidance

Hours Of Unplanned Downtime

Weeks Ahead Of Schedule

Million Annually In Run Rate Savings

Overview of the Project

Our client’s business was rapidly expanding and outgrowing it’s WAN infrastructure. Jackyl Consulting was initially asked to come in and do an environmental audit to help solve their zero-growth budget challenges while still delivering an elevated level of service. Their existing WAN network was posing operational challenges that needed to be addressed using their current budget.


Jackyl’s Modernization Opportunity Audit (MOA) uncovered significant business benefit in transforming the corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) to a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

The migration scenario had many moving parts but was a perfect fit for Jackyl’s expertise and delivery method. The solution required a practical, forward-looking approach that could be delivered quickly (5 months) and orchestrated seamlessly using a highly-structured and regimented system of delivery and deployment. Jackyl’s unique implementation methodology focused on detailed upfront planning, and testing, daily & weekly project milestone reviews and ongoing client communication to ensure our deployment approach was closely aligned with business objectives. 

With further analysis it was determined this part of the infrastructure was an ideal candidate for a managed services contract. A fast tract RFP was issued and Jackyl was awarded the contract to manage the environment. In this scenario, technical debt was avoided and the client could focus its staff on more value-add activities.

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