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Our Story

Jackyl Consulting’s IT Recovery & Delivery Team was formed by two founding partners who, having worked in large corporate environments, experienced first-hand the issue of infrastructure enabling technology projects not achieving senior management’s business objectives — over and over again. The case for change was evident:

Anyone can deliver a program given enough time and sufficient budget within normal constraints. Delivering on complex and high-risk projects, without the luxury of time, takes a talented organization of seasoned, highly skilled IT practitioners, accustomed to delivering under pressure and capable of delivering results aligned with business objectives.

This belief was the driver for Jackyl to hand-pick a SEAL team that possessed these skills and train them in their unique methodologies thus creating a force to be reckoned with, and the reason why Jackyl Consulting is regularly sought after.

Their first engagement with a client typically involves the recovery of failed or impaired business programs but they are almost always retained because of their focus delivering on business outcomes.


How We Work & Why

Jackyl Consulting is not your typical management consultant group that takes an academic approach to IT transformation involving exorbitant cost and time.

Instead, they are transforming the delivery of IT transformation by embedding their specialized task force of programmers, engineers, project managers and IT architects to deliver substantial results within their client’s organization, working as one team.

Regular check-points, stakeholder analysis and status reviews help them maintain a close relationship with managers to ensure staffing and project issues are addressed before they become problems.


Why We Are Here

Programs die or fail in the first trimester. Jackyl Consulting learned early on not to follow orders blindly. One wrong decision can comprise your budget, timeline and sometimes the outcome senior management is looking to achieve.

They take pride in making hard decisions and speaking up, when appropriate, to course-correct if it’s in the client’s best interest.

After many years of recruiting a specialized workforce, they trained their team to earn a reputation as the “Mission Possible Team”, fixing large infrastructure enabling technology projects that had fallen off the rails.

We learned throughout our time in IT that a project needs implementers that are:

 Quick-thinking with decisive leadership capabilities.

Highly technical & focused on business results.

Flexible enough to adapt to each client’s unique environment.


Data Center Migration (Recovery)

Brought in to take over a program to migrate 2,844 servers as part of a Data Centre consolidation that was in jeopardy of incurring late penalties. Managed 67 people from discovery, assessment, build, deploy, and migration interfacing with 6 CIO organizations. There were over 300 migration events with a first time success rate of 99.97%.

ATM and Point of Sale MPLS Conversion 

Launched in to recover a ‘red’ program that was significantly over time (9 months) and failing to get merchants, telecommunications and outsourced data centre partners engaged. Coordinated activity among 49 distinct parties and 400 major merchants to implement firewall and router changes with a fixed deadline. Completed on budget and avoided penalties by finishing 2 weeks ahead of deadline.

SD-WAN Migration

Worked with large Financial Services client to migrate 1,239 T1s at branch locations to SD-WAN with a 100% success rate on conversions under business case established thresholds. These SD-WAN circuits were bundled in a managed service contracted to Jackyl Consulting.

Azure Citrix Migration

Designed and implemented a Citrix backup environment in Azure to handle 15,700 users on virtual application users, 27300 virtual desktop users. This was completed at the end of 2019 and was instrumental in providing end-users with much needed and superior performance once COVID-19 required employees to work from home.

Data Center Consolidation 

Stood up the network edge devices in a new client computing facility, including WAN and internet connections. Consolidated workload from 6 computing facilities into 2 Corporate Computing facilities in the US providing carrier diversity, load balancing, and geo-redundancy. The program saved $19.2M over 5 years.

Transformation to Workplace Transformation Program

Designed and implemented a global workplace operations model for desktop, Citrix, Service Desk, Print, and Field Services involving over 500 staff in Europe, APAC, and North America, rightsizing >20% of the organization while improving customer satisfaction by 32%.

Migration of W2K8

Migrating 1,800 critical application servers and databases from Windows 2008 to 2016. Due to the fragile nature of two core client applications, moves were sequenced and migrated in clusters to minimize risk and downtime. All moves occurred flawlessly and transparent to customer transactions.

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Jackyl Consulting Partnership specializes in Program Management and Delivery for Infrastructure and Security Enabling Technologies in high intensity, complex, and time sensitive situations. Contact us if you want your IT program back on track or if you are embarking on a Business Transformation journey.

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